with liberty and justice for all?...

with liberty and justice for all?...

This year, lets make the 4th of July truly about liberty and justice for all.  Join us as we continue to fight for justice for Breonna Taylor.  Sign a petition (or 3), contact the Louisville officials via phone or email, post on social to raise awareness or donate to Breonna's family.  Take action anyway you can.  Let us know what you did and we will send you a special 30% off discount for you to use anytime this month. 

Please see links and references below of how you can take action.  No one is free until we all are.


Sign Petitions

Fight for BreonnaThis petition outlines a list of demands, most of which provide support and answers for Taylor’s mom Tamika Palmer. Some of the demands have already been met, including the dismissal of Walker’s charges and a ban on no-knock warrants.

Change.org – Justice for Breonna: Law student Lorelai HoJay launched this Change.org petition to demand charges to be filed as well as damages paid to Taylor’s family by the LMPD. It has nearly met its goal of nine million signatures.

Color of Change – #JusticeforBreColor of Change is calling for Mattingly, Hankison and Cosgrove to be fired immediately.

Contact Louisville Officials

Send an email to the Kentucky Attorney General and Governor using the link provided here.

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer: Demands for justice can be made by calling Fischer’s office at (502) 574-2003 or by filling out the contact form on his site.

Louisville MPD: A contact form is available on the department’s site. A template is widely available as well as a submittable form that will automatically send an e-mail in your name.

Special Prosecutor, Attorney General Daniel CameronCall 502-696-5300 or e-mail attorney.general@ag.ky.gov

Kentucky Governor Andy BeshearCall 502-564-2611

Jefferson County Commonwealth’s Attorney Thomas Wine: Call 502-595-2300 or e-mail winejcooke@louisvilleprosecutor.com


Breonna Taylor’s Family: An official GoFundMe page has raised over $6 million for Taylor’s family through their loss, surpassing its original $500,000 goal.

Louisville Bail FundsProtesters have rallied in support of Taylor and the calls for justice daily throughout June. Donating to the bail fund provides support for those who have been arrested from protesting on the ground.  

Post on Social

Flood social media with the hashtags #SayHerName and #JusticeforBreonna - post a Breonna Taylor focused post to your story or feed.  Keep the awareness alive, keep her in our feed.


Resources above came from ROLLING STONE, ELLE MAGAZINE, GRASSROOTS LAW PROJECT.   Photo by Taylor Ciccone (@tac0_cat_)
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